Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Living DaVinci's Last Supper

Our church council has been talking about ways we can engage more people into the life of the congregation.  We've heard about all the trends, both negative and positive. One of the suggestions was to activate an interactive online presence where people might be able to participate in a discussion forum about various topics.  The topic of "blogs" was brought up as one of those methods.
I'm not sure how many people presently are using blogs, but when I mentioned I had my own blog (which I have seriously neglected for quite a while) it was suggested that I get that started again.  So here is my next attempt.  I can't promise how frequently I will be updating, but I encourage those who use online media to connect with me through this medium and we will see where the discussions go.

The picture above is from our Maundy Thursday worship on March 24.  Our Worship and Music Team was discussing about ways to make this service "come alive" and wouldn't it be nice if we could recreate the Last Supper.  We put some heads together, did some serious recruiting, had a rehearsal the night before and you get what I think is a pretty good representation of DaVinci's Last Supper.  This is also the service for those children receiving communion after their formal instruction. Hopefully it is memorable for their faith journey.

So feel free to comment in this space.  A few more blogs should be coming and I look forward to the input from many of you.

Peace, Pr. Isaacson